Extremely Rare, All Matching, Highly Collectable & covered in Nazi Waffenamts!

Recently imported from Germany, this unique piece of Nazi military history is now available for sale to Australian collectors.

The Gew.98/40 rifle, also known as Puska 1943. Minta (Rifle, model of 1943, or 43M in short) was developed at Hungarian ‘Fémáru Fegyver és Gépgyár’, Budapest FEG arms factory in around 1941 under German contract. It was configured to be used alongside the Kar98k & to be user friendly to AXIS troops using the K98k so along with being chambered in 7.92 x 57, it had the same rear sight, bayonet lug & sling attachment as the Kar98k plus used the same stripper clips. It was intended for German troops as well as for Hungarian troops that were serving alongside German troops on Soviet front.

As such, it was accepted into Wehrmacht service so was proof stamped with the correct WaA56 & WaA173 Nazi waffenamts which can be clearly seen all over this rifle. ‘jhv’ was the German Ordnance code for Fémáru & this is clearly visible on the receiver ring with the year of manufacture, just under the WaA173 stamp. This example also has very nice, clear markings on the wood as can be seen in the photos.

In German service, this rifle was known as Infanterie Gewehr 98/40 or Gew.98/40 or G.98/40 in short. It was also adopted by Hungarian army in 1943 as rifle 43M, with minor cosmetic changes from German-contract rifles. Despite having significant external similarities to German Mauser K.98K rifle, the G.98/40 is not a ‘Mauser’ design but an amalgam of the Mannlicher-type action (based on Hungarian 35M rifle) & Mauser-type integral box magazine. These rifles was produced by FEG between 1941 & 1945, with total production of German-contract G.98/40 rifles estimated at around only 140,000!

This actual rifle has a real history as it is marked with the X usually associated with a Russian captured rifle which makes sense. In 1941 Hungary became the 4th member of the Tripartite Pact & Hungarian forces took part in Operation Barbarossa, spending much time in the USSR. In 1944, concerned about the loyalty of the Hungarian government German troops occupied Hungary & in late 1944, the Soviet Red Army crossed into Hungary. Some Hungarian army units fought on with the Germans but clearly, this rifle was captured in Hungary by Soviet forces. Interestingly, although this rifle is clearly a RC (which is now part of its provenance), it did not undergo the usual nasty process usually associated with RC’s & retains the original finish & all numbers match.

These are a significant & very collectable part of WW2 Nazi military history & rarely come onto the collector market, especially here in Australia so be the one to add this desirable rifle to your collection.

The only other we have seen was sold by us & went very quickly so if you are ever going to have an RC in your collection, this surely is it!

Do your own research & you will know if this is for you. Please view the photos carefully & make your decision based on what you see as they form the main description & override all written information. Ask for more if desired.

We are offering this rifle as a collectable piece of military history & acknowledge the grievous atrocities committed by the Nazi regime & some of its military, particularly toward the peoples of occupied territory & the Jewish population in Europe. In no way do we condone or glorify the Nazi regime which must be remembered for the vile stain on human history that it was.

We think we have described it accurately & correctly but do not claim to be infallible so if we have got anything wrong, it is unintentional & are happy for feedback from people who know more than we do.

Whilst we check these out for serviceability, the warranty has expired & this is sold on an ‘as is’ basis. As with all used guns, we recommend you have this checked by a suitably qualified person prior to shooting.

We have a pretty unique refund policy on our collectable guns whereby we will refund your money if it is not as described when you receive it. Just let us know before you send it back.

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