Queensland customers

If you’re in Queensland and would like to acquire a firearm from Sunshine Coast Gun Shop, please follow this process:

  1. Call or Contact us to confirm the availability of the firearm.
  2. Come into the shop, call or Contact us to purchase the firearm.
  3. Apply for a Queensland Permit to Acquire (PTA), using our details as the registered owner and disposer. We can do this for you in store while you are here as part of our service. The PTA is issued by Queensland Police and the process usually takes 5-7 business days from application date if firearms are already on your license but can take more than 28 days if it is your first firearm. If you do not already have a valid weapons licence, you will need to apply for a new licence or licence renewal. Visit Weapons licensing in Queensland to submit your PTA via online applications. You can also apply for your firearm license or renew your current license by choosing new licences or licence renewals.

Alternatively, you can enjoy ‘The American Experience’

The American Experience

You can enjoy what we like to call the the ‘American Experience’ of coming into the shop, purchasing your gun and walking out with it on the same day! You can do this legally by submitting your PTA as soon as you decide you want a certain firearm and not waiting until you actually buy it. What we mean by this is simple. As soon as you decide you are intending on buying a new .223 bolt action rifle for example, submit your PTA online at home for this and tick the box at the bottom left of the page on which you nominate where you are acquiring the firearm from requesting it be sent to your dealer, (which would be SCGS) then advise us to expect it. You then come into the shop when you are ready to purchase, select the rifle that you want and so long as we have the PTA here, you can walk out with your new .223 rifle on the same day as you buy it! You must submit the PTA for the specific type of firearm you are intending to buy, i.e. select the Calibre, Category, Action & Type.

An example would be:

  • Category-B;
  • Type-Centrefire Rifle;
  • Action-Bolt;
  • Calibre- .223

When you come in to purchase the actual rifle, we can complete the PTA with the details such as serial number, make and model before you leave.

It is that simple and a great buying experience. Talk to us further if you have any questions and remember, your PTA is valid for six (6) months from the date of approval, so get ahead of the curve and enjoy buying your next firearm from us as you can your next pair of shoes!

Interstate customers

If you’re elsewhere within Australia and you would like to acquire a firearm from Sunshine Coast Gun Shop, please follow this process:

  1. Contact us to confirm the availability of the firearm.
  2. Place an order for the purchase of the firearm via this website or you can enquire by email, over the phone or in-store. We will be able to then advise on cost to ship it to your local dealer.
  3. Apply for an acquisition from your state or territory weapons registry, using your local dealer’s details as the registered owner and disposer.

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