It is a fact of life that sometimes firearms are part of a Deceased Estate and it can be troublesome if no-one is licensed to possess them.

If you are responsible for managing a deceased estate and don’t know what to do where firearms are involved, Sunshine Coast Gun Shop can assist. The process for disposing of guns from a Deceased Estates is vastly different & time consuming. We can help you navigate the bureaucratic burden. Even if the guns were found in Grandpa’s wardrobe, are banned semi-autos or handguns and not registered, you can transport them to the shop to surrender them for safekeeping or to sell even if you are not licensed without fear of prosecution. You can also take them to a police station but be aware you may be there for an extended time and they will be taken without any recompense so if they may be of value, bring them to us for evaluation at least.

Sometimes a family member will want Grandpa’s old guns and plans to acquire their firearms license but can’t take them until this has occurred. In these circumstances, there is a need to have firearms legally stored whilst the Will is administered and this is where Sunshine Coast Gun Shop can help by storing them on your behalf for as long as is needed. See our Storage page for more details of this service.

Call us on 07 5479 0303 to make arrangements to bring them in for us to inspect and if they are in good condition, we may offer to buy them. At least we can provide you with an idea of their value to assist you in deciding how to go forward.

Sometimes guns are of no monetary value but someone wants to keep Grandpa’s gun in the family only they don’t want to get a firearms license just for this and we can help here too. We can arrange for any gun to be made permanently inoperable and provide a police issued certificate, meaning after being deactivated by a gunsmith, they can be displayed above Grandpa’s ashes over the fireplace without the need for a firearm license.

If you are unable to or don’t want to bring them into the shop, call us on 07 5479 0303 to discuss if we are able to come out to you.

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