1. Join a shooting Club or Association such as SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association Australia) or Shooters Union which you can do via their website online. Alternatively, if you know someone with property of at least 40 Acres, want to recreationally shoot or hunt on their property and can get written permission from the property owner, you can do this as it is also treated as a ‘Genuine Reason’ for the purpose of obtaining a QLD Firearms License.
  2. Complete a Firearms Safety Course with a Registered Provider. If you want to shoot rifles, Category A&B will be fine, otherwise complete Category H if you also want to shoot handguns. If you live on or around the Sunshine Coast we are happy to recommend some Providers to you.
  3. Once you have completed the Safety Course they will send out your Certificate of Attainment to you. We suggest that you scan this into your computer and save a copy on the desktop, along with your Club or Association Membership as per above. All you need now is a passport style photo.
  4. Go online to online to the QPS website https://www.police.qld.gov.au/units/weapons-licensing and read the updated information regarding the new process for applying for your Firearms License.

Transferring a Firearms License from another Australian State or New Zealand

Same procedure as above except a Safety Course usually does not need to be completed providing you apply for your firearms license within 14 days of acquiring your QLD drivers license.

When you are prompted to upload proof of completion of a Safety Course, simply upload your current Firearms License. If you intend on bringing firearms currently registered to you to QLD, have a list ready as you are required to give details of these if you want them to be registered to your Queensland license. This will save you the cost of needing to apply for a PTA for each of these guns.

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