How To Safely Dispose Of Guns That Are Unwanted Or Not Needed
  • Are you considering selling your guns?
  • Do you have firearms you don’t want or shouldn’t have?
  • Have your circumstances changed and are you considering whether or not to renew your firearms license?
  • Do you have firearms as part of a deceased estate?
  • Do you have firearms you no longer use or have grown out of?
  • Have you found firearms you didn’t know were there and don’t know what to do with?
  • Are you concerned that taking them in to a police station will bring you trouble?

If so, bring them into us as Sunshine Coast Gun Shop might want to buy your guns. Because we sell good quality used guns, we will always be interested in buying them.  Call us on 07 5479 0303 to discuss want you have in mind and we can make a time to bring them in to the shop.  If they have been looked after and are in good condition, we may offer you a fair price for them and lodge the necessary paperwork with the police to have them removed from your license. We can at least provide you with a value.

If you find yourself with Grandpa’s old guns, bring them in for us to see…you may have something of value and not know it.

If the guns were found as part of a Deceased Estate or newly acquired property and you do not possess a firearms license, you are in possession of firearms illegally which potentially has severe legal consequences. Even if they are banned semi-autos or handguns and not registered, you can transport them straight to the shop to surrender them for disposal, safekeeping or to sell without fear of prosecution, even if you are not licensed.

If the guns hold no monetary value we can at least assist you in disposing of them correctly and provide paperwork to show that you disposed of them in the legally responsible manner.

Call us on 07 5479 0303 to make arrangements to bring them in or if you are unable to make it to the shop, we may be able to come out to you.

Whatever your circumstances, get in touch and even if they are not registered or you shouldn’t have them, we can help.

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