This is a vary rare & very interesting rifle for the serious collector.

What is often referred to as the Siamese Mauser is actually a design licensed from Mauser Oberndorf in Germany based on the Gewehr 98 design. Thailand, then known as Siam lacked the necessary manufacturing capability but Japan did have the required capability & Siam contracted with Japan’s Koishikawa arsenal to build their rifles of which only 40,000 were believed to have been produced with many not surviving WW2. Some features and characteristics of the Japanese Type 35 rifle (under development in the same arsenal at that time) were also incorporated, such as the sliding dust cover & long wrist tangs.

Most were confiscated by the Japanese during the occupation & most of those which escaped to be used against the Japanese by Thai Guerrilla Forces ended up rotting & rusting in the jungle making these extremely difficult to find & highly collectable for knowledgeable collectors.

Just below the Chakram symbol on the forward receiver bridge, the rifles were marked “ร,ศ,๑๒๑” (R.S. 121) representing Rattanakosin Sok (รัตนโกสินทรศก, abbreviated as ร.ศ. and R.S.) for the 121st year of Chakri Dynasty (royal family). Since the Thai year started in April on the Gregorian calendar, there is some overlap, but the adoption year is equated as 1903. In 1913, the new king, King Rama VI (Vajiravudh), changed the calendar to use the Buddhist Era for official documents & the rifle was re-designated as the Type 46 for the year 2446 BE (1903). The Koishikawa Arsenal stamp of four stacked cannonballs is stamped on the left side of the receiver under the dust cover next to an inspection mark as can be seen in the photos.

This particular rifle has all matching numbers in Thai numerals. It has Thai numerals & marking everywhere & the Chakram is in excellent condition as can be seen. This one is completely intact including the original dust cover which is usually missing.

These are very rare on the ground & hard to find in good condition, let alone completely intact. Do your research & if you are serious about adding something unique to your collection, this is it.

Please view the photos carefully as these show the true condition of this scarce piece of history & form the main description & override all other.

Sold on consignment on behalf of a collector.