Ideal for the pro hunter with a Cat D license, no AG Permit required.

The Finnish Valmet M88 Hunter is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in .308 & was designed for the civilian hunting market in the late 1980’s. As with all Sako firearms, the Valmet Hunter is well-built, reliable & are highly collectable in their own right, so are an excellent investment.

As can be seen, the Valmet Hunter has the traditional AK-style safety lever & action, is fitted with a new 1” rings base, ready for mounting a scope or other optic. Additionally, the blade front sight & adjustable notch rear sights (which are illuminated) are intact.

It has a 20″ barrel & comes with two (2) 20-round magazines & one (1) 10 round mag so three (3) all up making this an excellent rifle for heli operations.

This rifle has been ‘secured’ in a place which was dark & it was very well prepared for storage by being wrapped & covered in grease since 1997. It is now registered & available for purchase by an appropriately licensed person, no AG permit required.

Do your own research & you will know if this is for you. Please view the photos carefully & make your decision based on what you see as they form the main description & override all written information. Ask for more if desired.

We think we have described it accurately & correctly but do not claim to be infallible so if we have got anything wrong, it is unintentional & are happy for feedback from people who know more than we do.

Whilst we check these out for serviceability, the warranty has expired & this is sold on an ‘as is’ basis. As with all used guns, we recommend you have this checked by a suitably qualified person prior to shooting.

Call for shipping cost to your dealer.