This is one of the lowest number of K98k’s made in any one year by any factory & means this rifle is one of less than 2% of total K98k production!

Recently imported from the Fatherland & for the 1st time offered for sale in Australia is this fine example of a highly desirable 1935 ‘G Date’ Mauser Kar98k. For the serious collector who knows what this is, this very desirable example of a hard to find very early production Kar98k German service rifle manufactured by MAUSER WERKE AG OBERNDORF a/N is offered for sale.

MAUSER WERKE AG OBERNDORF was the 2nd of four manufacturers of K98k’s & in 1935 produced a very limited number of them, making these highly collectable.

At this time the Germans were still trying to hide the actual manufacturing numbers from the Inspectors trying to monitor their activity in accordance with the Treaty of Versailles. This actual rifle was made in 1935 as identified by the markings on the receiver ring, along with other markings which are still identifiable & show this is all correct. S/42 was the German secret squirrel code at the time for MAUSER WERKE AG OBERNDORF & ‘G’ indicated 1935 as the year of manufacture. Letter coding as a means of identifying year of manufacture only lasted a few years before the actual year was stamped instead which is why ‘G’ & ‘K’ code K98’s are highly desirable.

‘G’ & ‘K’ code K98’s are highly valued by serious collectors, both for their uniqueness but also relatively few were made & these were all of the highest quality. In 1940/1941 the codes were changed & the Germans dropped the ‘S’ prefix & did away with any letter date code. In 1940 ’42’ over the full year date replaced the letter code & in 1941 it became ‘byf’ over an abbreviated year date.

If you collect K98 rifles you will know this is one of the hardest ones to get & you should not pass it up.

It looks all correct & sports a correct solid walnut stock with the correct flat butt plate with all milled parts & all of the correct markings where you would expect to find them. Unsurprisingly for a rifle which saw years of service before the war then served on until the bitter end, it is not all matching numbers. It presents as original & is in great condition as can be seen in the photos with the wood very good with the expected marks from 10 years of solid service & it has a very good amount of the original blue still present.  The bore is excellent, so definitely a shooter.

This is a fantastic example of a hard to obtain early K98k rifle in this outstanding original condition so don’t delay if you are a serious collector, another may never again be available in Australia.

This bears all the hallmarks of Hans, Johann or Fritz greasing it up before hiding it after the war where it sat for decades before coming onto the collectors market in 2020 Munich.

Do your own research & you will see that this great example of a ‘unicorn Kar98k’ would make an excellent addition to any serious Mauser collection or a damn great start to one.

We are offering this rifle as a collectable piece of military history & acknowledge the grievous atrocities committed by the Nazi regime & some of its military, particularly toward the peoples of occupied territory & the Jewish population in Europe. In no way do we condone or glorify the Nazi regime which must be remembered for the vile stain on human history that it was.

These are the only photos at this time so please view them carefully as they form the main description & override all written information. You can wait for more & take the chance it will be sold (which history shows it will be) or make your decision based on what you see & be the lucky one who adds this outstanding & rare Kar98k to their collection.

Whilst we check these out for serviceability, the warranty has expired & these are sold on an as is basis.

As with all used guns, we recommend you have this checked by a suitably qualified person prior to shooting.

Call for shipping cost to your dealer.