Mint & Original!

Recently imported direct from Germany in our latest consignment is this rare & hard to find pre-WW2 Mauser Standard Modell in original mint condition. These rifles rarely come onto the Australian collector market, let alone in this condition!

The ‘Standard Modell’ was Mausers’ interwar attempt to remain commercially viable & compete with their version of the ‘Model 1924’ being offered by Czech & Belgian manufacturers selling to China & South America & was the acknowledged forerunner to the famed Kar98k. In 1935, the Standard Modell had further improvements which made it identical to the K98k which was the idea with the re-armament intentions of Nazi Germany commencing. As part of Hitler’s rearmament program which started around this time, the Standard Modell was also ordered for official issue to the German Postal Service to ‘guard postal offices & rail cars during riots’.  The arming of the postal service was an official government Act, effectively arming them with the exact same rifles intended for the Wehrmacht. This was no coincidence & definitely the government preparing the German arms industry for mass production of the K98 with the added benefit of getting these rifles into the hands of the Nazi Party. Let’s face it, commercial rifles don’t need a bayonet lug!

Mauser were making Standard Modell rifles for export to China & South America plus secretly, the various regional High Commands of the SA.  The SA was the Nazi Party’s original paramilitary wing whose methods of violent intimidation played a key role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power & who after the ‘Night of the long knives’ were replaced by the SS. As they were not able to source firearms through official procurement channels, SA district commanders purchased direct from Mauser Oberndorf to equip their members but often with some difficulty. Apparently, both the SA & SS were placing orders which angered the Army Ordnance Directorate no end as the official military was in demand of new rifles & expected to be the sole recipient in the build up of German forces under Hitler & the Nazi Party. The SA at that time outnumbered the official armed forces allowed by several million, but had no direct access through official channels so often acquired these rifles from the organisations who originally acquired them from Mauser.

It must also be remembered that even though they were legitimately ordered by ‘the government’, the government was the NSDAP (Nazi Party) who wanted their paramilitary organizations armed. In ‘Backbone of the Wehrmacht’ it is formally acknowledged after the war by former Mauser senior management that large numbers of the Standard Modell made their way directly to the SA & SS.

The Standard Modell was produced for only a limited time before Hitler gave the world a surly display of two fingers, rejected the Treaty of Versailles altogether, geared up the war machine & gave up any effort at stealth. As on 21 June 1935, the Karabiner 98k was officially adopted to replace the Rifle 98 & Carbine 98b in the German Wehrmacht. It is known that many Standard Modell’s ended up with the military, mainly Waffen SS as the SS continued to have conflict with the traditional military with regard to weapons acquisition although this rifle does not appear to be one of these.

This particular rifle bears all of the correct commercial proof marks including the Crown over the U & the Crown on N, indicating it is Nitro proofed. On the receiver ring is the classic commercial Mauser banner, leading to these also commonly being call the ‘Banner Mauser’.

Interestingly, the rear sight is marked S/42G indicating this was manufactured by Mauser Werke AG, Oberndorf in 1935 & intended for an early Kar98k. This fits, as all parts are interchangeable with the Kar98k so it appears there was a crossover during manufacture & it is likely this was one of the last Standard Modells made before the factory began mass production of the Kar98k for military service.

Clearly this rifle has been looked after over the decades as there is no evidence of pitting or historical rust & has all of the hallmarks of Fritz, Hans or Adolph greasing it up before hiding it away after the war before coming onto the collector market in 2020 Munich.

It is known that many Standard Modells were used by the Waffen SS because even in wartime, they often had a very difficult time acquiring Kar98k’s through the official procurement channels, as the OKW (Wehrmacht High Command) just didn’t like the SS & just refused to share, right up to the end of the war.

This rifle never went into the field as it appears to be effectively unissued although the wood has some bumps on it in places which look to us like storage marks & the bluing is outstanding, as can be seen in the photos. Not surprisingly the bolt does not match the rifle but appears to match itself.

What may appear to be pitting in the close up photos is just cosmoline/grease so don’t be concerned.

If you are a Mauser collector who wants one of the hard to find commercial bannered pre WW2 Mauser rifles in mint condition, this is your chance.

Do your own research & take this opportunity to own a rare, interesting & highly collectable rifle.

Whilst we check these out for serviceability, the warranty has expired & these are sold on an as is basis. Saying this, we have a pretty unique refund policy on our collectable guns whereby we will refund your money if it is not as described when you receive it. Just let us know before you decide to send it back.

As with all used guns, we recommend you have this checked by a suitably qualified person prior to shooting.

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