The Schmidt–Rubin rifles were a series of Swiss Army service rifles in use between 1889 & 1958 which are readily distinguished by the famous straight-pull bolt action invented by Rudolf Schmidt & use Eduard Rubin’s 7.5×55mm Schmidt–Rubin rifle cartridge.

These are highly valued by collectors & shooters alike, as they are known for their accuracy plus fast cycling straight pull action.

This example was recently imported from Europe & as can be seen in the photos, is in excellent condition for a rifle of this age with all matching numbers, including the magazine.

We don’t want to mess with the screws on the butt plate as it looks like it hasn’t been off for ever so cannot tell you it has the ‘Troopers Tag’ still secreted away.  It probably is (many are) & will be a pleasant surprise for the new owner if it is still there but assume it isn’t & you won’t be unnecessarily disappointed.

The bore is as good as the rest of the rifle so would make a good choice for combined service rifle comps.

Do your own research & you will know if this is for you. Please view the photos carefully & make your decision based on what you see as they form the main description & override all written information. Ask for more if desired.

We think we have described it accurately & correctly but do not claim to be infallible so if we have got anything wrong, it is unintentional & are happy for feedback from people who know more than we do.

Whilst we check these out for serviceability, the warranty has expired & this is sold on an ‘as is’ basis. As with all used guns, we recommend you have this checked by a suitably qualified person prior to shooting.

We have a pretty unique refund policy on our collectable guns whereby we will refund your money if it is not as described when you receive it. Just let us know before you send it back.

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